Posted on 25-Oct-2017

We've been following Tomi Agape for a while watching her stories learning about her getting a feel for what type of person/performer she is because really some of the messages you lot send us puts pressure on us to bring you the right people who we believe you will enjoy; through your speakers and your iPhone screens.

First of; if you don't know who she is then that means you haven't been listening to Juls' EP Leap of Faith shame on you 😑. She features on the track After Six and she is good. We liked what she did on that track it was almost as if she was trying to put you in a trance (some of us had been slightly elevated when listening to it so don't hold us on the trance thing 😂) but the reason why we like her and think you will too can be summed up in one word; CONFIDENT. She is confident in her: own skin, body, vocal ability, dance ability, cooking skills, and what she wears. Those are a lot of things to put out there in the world because lets be real everybody is a fucking critic these days. We haven't had the pleasure of interviewing her yet to get to know her better but she really seems like she just: rides her own wave, works hard, and is a willing learner of the growing Afrobeats industry. 

She has three tracks out that we know of La La La, Love Melody, and Breeze  we're not going to write an extensive review for you about the songs comparing both we'll tell you which one we like better and that's Breeze it's nicer to sing along to. Not that Love Melody is a bad song it has it's time and place as well, La La La shows a lot more of her vocal range but we don't play it much don't know why; bu; like we said Breeze because over all it feels happier and you can never have too much happy. 

The video came out last week which we were excited to watch, don't know which part of England they shot this in but; it must have been in London somewhere seems like all Afrobeats videos lead there these days. It's a fun video there's a bit of drama which grabs the attention but; it doesn't develop well throughout the video we don't really know why they were fighting and the speed at which the other dude flew in at the end was mad!!! Must have been one hell of an argument 😂. The outdoor shots were dope we felt it matched with the song better. (See everyone is a fucking critic)

We think she is a cool personality to follow and listen to she is mad entertaining don't know if she can act but so far she has a bit of something for everyone.  

Don't worry we'll do our best to get to the bottom of why they were fighting and what the hell Mazi Chukz's character bought or said that made Tomi's character rebound so sharply 😂. 

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