Posted on 06-Dec-2017

When it comes to reviewing music we listen for a lot but most importantly we go by how we feel; and Necessary II feels like something everyone should know about! We wish we had a bagillion dollars so we could help out every artist we love but you'll have to settle for the La Meme Gang on the 20th for now.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. It is very hard to put into words what these girls are doing with the African sound which is why you have to listen to them to understand them; especially on this project. It feels like they leave a bit of themselves on every track because it's not as warm as Necessary I this project feels colder and a bit more aggressive in some respect. They both agree that “The album is a celebration of women - their strength, power, resilience and resistance through time. On the last track of the album we have a 10 year old recording of our mother. It felt important to us to acknowledge her strength and continuous support throughout the years. She’s always been our biggest supporter and she’s the reason that we’ve acquired the confidence to go our own path with our music.”  

That confidence must be at an all time high becauseYin is a song that took us completely by surprise! It starts of so calm and in that moment we thought... okay the album is going to start on a bum note (which is fine a lot of albums do) but then it explodes into what we are going to call Afro-Electro and it's really f**king awesome so much energy in a little over 2 minutes! Roots is another tune that has that Afro-Electro vibe and we're pretty sure if enough people heard it they would all think what we are thinking right now (Miami in the 70s)! Pleaser is a bit more familiar sonically don't know if any of you out there know of the Pakistani singer Rumer but we can't help but feel similarities between the two. (All three of them on a tune together would probably create the same sound the doorbell to the gates of heaven produce). 

They describe this album as a: tribute to our Nordic roots, in the same way that the first record is a tribute to our Cape Verdean heritage. We felt inspired by the Swedish scenery and the inevitable melancholy and drama that our climate entails - how nature affects us and how we’re a part of it.” 

We can't wax-lyrical about these women enough they really are gems. No idea what the people of Sweden are listening to but sooner or later one way or another everyone there will know what they are about.

Go stream download and share this with whoever, wherever. Now excuse us while we replay Yin a few more times. 

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