Posted on 19-May-2017

Afropop sensation Mr. Eazi, despite all his success still considers himself an up and coming musician. With hits such as: Bankulize, Shitor, Skintight, and many more under his belt Eazi has made waves across the continent and managed to cross over into the English market and is knocking on the door of the American market as well but for some strange reason he still considers himself up and coming and for a man with billionaire dreams we'll agree with him. 

In an interview with Hitz FM he said

“I haven’t started anything. I’m just an upcoming artist and there is nothing accomplished yet. With God we will get there. I didn’t see the nomination coming. My pride and happiness is to do music for my fans. I want to sing a song that people can relate to and that’s why I love going to the studios all the time. I think about nothing but music…” he said.

When asked by the host if he is keen to grab the award for himself as the ‘Best International Act in Africa’ for the year 2017, he said, “I don’t see any challenge. It’s all about the vibes. It’s the experience. I’m not afraid. I’m addicted to challenging myself… I really don’t know if I’m going win…” he said.

The Afro pop artist added that, the BET award is basically for his team if he should win as such it is only a reminder to showcase the hard work of himself and those in his camp.

“The BET is a reminder to big up your team and show how well you’re working hard. I’m mostly happy when I see tweets about my music lifting the spirit of people. Everyone can win an award. We can create it to award ourselves. There are more important things” he noted.

The sensational Afrobeats singer further urged his fans to fight through trials and tribulations that come along in life. He reiterated, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and to be a better person”.

“It’s the work of God that is uplifting me…” he maintained.

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