Posted on 29-May-2017

Eugy is an artist that we like one because we believe he was the dude that convinced Davido to sing in Twi on Chance, two if you want to talk forefathers of this new Afro-Pop sound it would be hard to leave his name out of it. Sit back from you screens for a minute and think about that "Forefather" and if you doubt that claim the over 16,000,000 million plays Dance For Me has should sort that out. 

In regards to the mixtape it's good Captain is the best song on there in our humble opinion don't know who Siza is but we'd like to her more of her, Give It To Me  comes second Rolling  would be number three the rest we haven't listened to enough to form an honest opinion on but we like the sound of the EP already.

Team Salut did a great job with the production beats still mad catchy. 

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