Posted on 06-Jun-2017

Nora Touree, the young Togolese Norwegian spreading afrobeats to the world is back with a new single Runnin' Away and we have to say for the type of chill, mellow, people we are we prefer this new track but that should take nothing away from Head in The Game.  We caught up with Nora again to see how see was doing and chat about her new single. 

Hello Nora, Thanks for coming back again. You've got a new single for us titled "Runnnin´ Away" and it's amazing tell us about how the song came about?

I actually wrote Runnin´ Away before I wrote Head in the game (my previous song). Thank you! I don´t know I just felt for trying a new "more chill" vibe. The song is about to keep away from negative people in our lives, because they may seem nice at first, but that´s just a lie you know. 

This is very different from "Head in the Game" why go this route?

Yes as I said, I wanted to try a new vibe (afrobeat). My previous songs have all been very fast and "gassed" but I want to take it slow now, and show people that I can sing as well as rap.

Where are you running away to back to Togo? If so why is that? Most people would pick somewhere else besides home you happen to be in the unique position of having two places to call your home.

Haha no I think you got it wrong, it´s the exact opposite. I´m singing about how I know where I come from (Togo) and that I  am proud of it. 

What are you running away from if we may ask?

I´m runnin away from bad people in our lives. Because all they want to do is tear you down, we have to surround ourselves with good humanbeings.

You have a very good single here it's going to need a tremendous amount of marketing to get up there how do you expect to get there? Because the most important thing for a single is radio play and for an afrobeats track to break you need to connect with where it's popular (Ghana and Nigeria) how are you reaching out to them?

This is very hard, the marketing part. I have a lot of great songs but the task is how to show them to people all around the world. Currently I have no idea, we´ll just go with flow. Here in Norway we have a lot of marketing, but I´ll try to send the song to family and friends there in Africa.

You plan on doing shows outside of Togo soon? You must visit for the holidays you gonna try and do any there?

I´m going to visit Togo the next summer holidays, and yes I´m planning on doing a show there. We also have some connections in Ghana and we´ll try to do a show there as well.

How's response to your music in Norway going?

People really like it! I checked out my youtube analytics and 83% of the viewers are from Norway. For my past songs, over 65% were from other countries outside of Norway such as France. So I've become more popular here in Norway.

We hope you keep gong honestly your sound is dope and if you think about it to our knowledge you and who ever is helping you are an Army pushing this unique sound throughout Norway.  It's hard at first but your sound will find an audience we already listen to Head In The Game a lot and we love this one too.

Thank you!

Good Luck and we're here to help if you need anything.

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