Posted on 03-Jul-2017

There is an unreleased video for Wizkid's "Come Closer" making rounds on the internet and if this video is legit and it looks very much like it is; why the f*ck was this not the original video in the first place? This video is full of vibrant African culture: the clothes are on point, the dancers on point, the lighting on point, we're even sure the woman/man who made lunch that day for the shoot was on point. We don't know why but this stupid; yes stupid craze with having all this silly graphics swirling on screen has touched more afro-beats videos and that's an issue. 

If this video was put out before the "official" one people wouldn't have paid no mind to Drake not being in the video because something greater was happening on screen but instead we have to look at Bria Myles play with a zebra. How Sway! 🙃 (Don't watch it in HD once you see the different types of melanin, fabrics, and style on display you'll just get more vexed).

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