Posted on 21-Jul-2017

Vaz are a duo from Cape Verde/Sweden who to be honest we're a bit sad we knew nothing about them until now because we don't have a lot of days until summer is over and the EP has been on repeat since this morning! They describe themselves and their sound as:

"Two producers/songwriters who mix traditional african drums with electronic beats and multi-dimensional harmonies. “a dirty love affair between the urban and the electronic” if you ask the sisters themselves. Originally from sweden, but with roots from cape verde, their music draws on the duo's creole influences. the fusion of tribal drums, dynamic electronics and experimental sounds creates a dark, powerful yet ethereal pop hybrid signed vaz."

We posted Spellbound on our IG because it's Friday morning and we didn't want to harass your feed with high tempo boom boom cha music so early in the morning but, if we had to pick our stand out track it would be Luxury Problems. Their sound reminds us a bit of Angolan artist Do'torado Pro (and we say that only because we were familiar with him first) but the difference between Vaz & Do'torado is Vaz include a lot more English in their jams which makes it easier for an international audience to consume. Their sound is also a nice break from the current sound that dominates the Afro-Beats genre.

Check them out give them a follow you won't regret it. VazOfficial

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