Posted on 07-Sep-2017

The Ugandan government has always had a strange obsession with creating laws "enforcing" morality and "protecting" cultural values and just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier. They decided to assemble an Anti-Pornographic Control Committee to the tune of over half a million dollars! Yeah you read that right a bunch are being paid to make sure you don't visit PornHub in your spare time. The committee which was sworn in last month will use an $88,000 "Pornography Detection Machine" and the country has contacted companies in South Korea to aid them in the fight against exposed genitals. According to newvision news the machine will detect - pictures, videos, or graphics one phones. (If that isn't a huge invasion of privacy we don't know what is).

Details about how this new $88,000 machine will work are obviously scant but for those of you including us; who have no idea what a pornography machine is the image below no bullshit; is all we found. If the internet is right on this one then Uganda just purchased $88,000 pen drive. Some of you nerds will say but what about the software the software has to be worth $88,000 and you're right it could be but we ask you this; if there was a magical software out in the world that could detect porn Uganda would not be the only country lining up to pay for it. Unless the country shuts of the internet or by law tells ISPs to block certain websites which would be cheaper than spending a combined $644,000 on a committee the country doesn't need or machines we believe don't exist why not use some of that cash to better your health care, build schools, or something else that will be worth the tax money the country's citizens suffer to pay. 

That's unlikely to happen though because apparently blaming mini-skirts, pornography, and gay people for some of the country's shortcomings is easier. SMH 😓

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