Posted on 13-Sep-2017

First of we're going to review the song that was sent to us before we tell you about WAJU. First off we're happy this came to our attention because the amount of music coming out from Africans around the world is insane! Meaning keeping up is tough sometimes; there are so many new sounds with different vibes and feels and it's great to see that sort of diversity from people down with the culture.

4 AM featuring Kyle The Hooligan feels like it should be a track backed by OVO; because of the type of production you be forgiven for thinking it's a PND song but clearly it is not. The track has some serious bounce but it's very relaxed so it woks well when you're just chilling at home or out and about. We'll keep following Waju to see if he has anything new coming out and update you accordingly and we're very happy to have 4 AM be apart of our weekly playlist in the office.

WAJU is a New York and Sweden based producer. Weird place to find a young Nigerian producer/artist born in Philly and raised in Pensauken NJ, but quickly after graduating from college, WAJU moved to New York to get his music going. Unfortunatly living on the Upper East Side wasnt cheap, so music and working a corporate job was a most. Two years later, I met a producer/music executive whos name i’ve choosen to leave out, and shortly after I  decided to stop the corporate job and do music full time. This was the best decision I made and after doing so the collabor of artist I worked with went up, from long summer nights working with SAINt JHN and his producer FALLEN, then migrating to an amazing experience with artist Teflon Sega, songs with african artist Shirazee and then finally working on my own projects. Still by this time WAJU had hardly any money and thats when meetings with publishers came into place, but once Jessica Riveria at Universal Music Publishing decided to pass on me, WAJU migrated to Sweden to find something out there.

Fast forward a year later , more experience and more connections with great people WAJU came up with his second single "4 Me". When I first started this song, I wanted to make something for my mom who passed away a couple years ago. I started with the piano chords and then the drums, then wrote a verse to the record. Once that was done I called Kyle the Hooligan down to the studio and let him hear it. He loved the beat but thought maybe the lyrics where too personal so he wrote something of his own version that still embodied some emotion and then thats when we knew we had something special.

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