Posted on 11-Oct-2017

If the image and the title offended you and you still clicked to read this article calm down before you do. It is an idea you don't like it educate us in the comments. 

When many people first saw the snapshots of the Dove Advert through Facebook what they saw only showed the black model changing to the white model. Which led to people criticising the skincare brand Dove, as racist. However..... (Yeah some of you jumped too early). Once you watch the full advertisement, the white women then transitions into an Asian woman also white people aren't offended they were turned Asian so really and truly where is the beef? Really why do some of AAs like looking for conflict that isn't there sometimes? Some of you are even saying the racism in this advert was subtle.

Come the fuck on.... 😓. If they were selling a cleanser that was supposed to "clean skin" why wouldn't the white model be the last as the cleanest? Why have the Asian woman who is a little darker/tanner come after her? We understand there is a history of white people marketing beauty products as a way to wash away the black, but come on!

Don't some of you think in this current racial climate the model who has been named as Lola Ogunyemi, or any POC (Person of Color) is dumb enough to sign up to something that would be remotely racist? See the name even Lola Ogunyemi lets give her and Dove the benefit of the doubt. She even responded saying that the advertisements snapshots have been misinterpreted and she is not a victim. Stating how she was excited to be part of the campaign and she and people around her loved the advertisement.

There are many cases of racist advertisements and whether Dove unintentionally meant for this advertisement to be seen as racist, we will never know but some people are definitely trying to make this bigger than it actually is. 

PSA: To people on the internet stop falling for click bate and "woke" person's idea of racism its a lot more complex than that. 

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